PRO-1200 External features and benefits:

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Direct Drive Control Panel

1. Water Valve: Hot water can be drawn from the face panel in order to mix powder chemical or to fill a pump sprayer. This same valve easily allows system pressure to be released for connecting hoses and for winterization.

2. Quick connects: High pressure quick connects are made from solid stainless steel, unlike our competition who use brass or metal plated fittings. The special seals will not deteriorate or leak due to hot water or chemicals.

3. Pump Pressure Gauge & Adjustment Knob: This feature is easily accessible on the face panel. The adjustment knob allows for adjustment of pump water pressure with out opening the console, and is easily read with this glycerin filled gauge, which displays for 0-300psi.

4. Chemical Selector Valve: This three-way valve allows the operator to turn on, off, or prime the chemical system. The priming mechanism is vacuum assisted which allows a complete & instantaneous prime each and every time.

5. Chemical Adjustment Knob: By turning this knob the operator may adjust the chemical flow from 0-5gph.

6. Chemical Flow Meter: The chemical flow meter reads the flow of chemical going to the cleaning tool. Read in GPH (gallons per hour) this is a more consistent chemical flow compared to other systems that meter CCM.

7. Solution Temperature Gauge: Simply pull the trigger and watch your temperature soar. The gauge will read up 330°F and its sending unit is placed right before the heated solution exits the machine. This added benefit allows the operator to know exactly what the temperature is at the wand, within a few degrees.

8. Tachometer: White Magic Direct Drive machines are all equipped with a tachometer, which reads the Vehicle’s engine RPM.

9. Vacuum Gauge: This glycerin filled gauge displays the vacuum lift of the blower; routine check of this gauge during operation will help determine if maintenance of the vacuum system is required.

10. Ignition: Remote Ignition located on the front of the face panel allows for easy starting of the machine. With just a turn of this switch the machine is operational and the engine RPM is automatically brought to the proper speed. The operator can quickly adjust the machine between Carpet Cleaning or Water Extraction modes.

11. Hour Meter: Keeps track of the machines operation, so that the operator can keep track of the routine service of the Vehicle and Equipment.

12. Auto Pump-out Control: Every White Magic machine is pre-wired for our external Auto Pump-out System regardless if the machine is ordered with one or not, its there for future use if necessary.

13. Blower Lubrication Port: Conveniently located on the face panel of the machine, this port allows for proper lubrication of the blower.

14. Pump Oil Site: Allows for a quick and easy check of the Pump oil without having to remove the console cover.

15. Console Cover: An important part of the design the console cover can quickly be removed to gain access to the machine within seconds. The console covers on the Direct Drive Systems are fastened with only two easy to handle star knobs. This durable cover is constructed out of aircraft aluminum and powder coated for years of use.

*All features subject to change without notice. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Major components specifications are manufacturers maximum ratings. System is de-rated for maximum life. Engine and blower are used to 70-80% capacities. System pressure is set at 1200 PSI.