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Tuthill's Dominator™ Technology

Tuthill's Dominator™ Technology.
By using 3 lobes instead of 2, the Dominator™ creates a smoother power flow. In addition, Tuthill blowers use helical cut drive gears and one-piece shafts. That's why they come with a full Two-Year Warranty!

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Truckmounts Just Got Quieter!
HydraMaster's truckmounts now generate 25% less noise, thanks to a new technology in vacuum blowers. This design technology is proven on larger blowers in other industries and now for the first time it is available in the carpet cleaning industry, only from HydraMaster!


A Few of the Many Benefits...
HydraMaster has carefully chosen this special Tuthill blower for its many advantages.

  1. Quieter Operation — The Tri-Lobe Rotor enables a smoother air output, with less pulsation. The result is a significant reduction of emitted sound.
  2. Longer Life — The smoother power cycles means less "impact loading" and results in longer bearing and unit life.
  3. Less Maintenance — Equipped with an oil bath on both ends, the Dominator™ needs no greasing! A convenient sight-glass makes it easy to check oil levels.

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