Maxx™ 450 Diesel

The Tradition Continues

The HydraMaster Tradition of leading the industry in the development of new carpet cleaning equipment and technology continues with the Maxx 470 and Maxx 450. These units offer incredible performance features while maintaining HydraMaster's reputation of building rugged reliable systems that are easy-to-use and simple-to-maintain.

Quality Designed and Built Throughout
Combining years of truckmount building experience with the latest cleaning technology, HydraMaster again leads the industry with the Maxx™ Performance Series Truckmounts.

Daihatsu Industrial Engines

These cast iron, water cooled engines have a worldwide reputation of long lasting, dependable service. The Maxx 450 uses a 3-cylinder 23.5 horsepower motor to turn a Tuthill 4005X blower, while the 470 uses a 31-horsepower engine coupled to a Tuthill 4007X blower. Both motors have a 3 speed electronic governor for ease of operation and improved fuel economy.

Maxx Heat Systems Technology

The Maxx sets a new standard for performance and reliability. Operating temperatures up to 250°F are generated by a multi-stage system. The system captures heat from the blower and engine exhaust and the engine cooling system. Unlike units that control heat by dumping water into the waste tank, the Maxx Series has ADC,™ a HydraMaster exclusive that electronically controls the amount of exhaust gases sent through the catalytic converter heat exchanger. The result is a very high volume/high temperature system that doesn't waste recovery tank capacity. The HydraMaster designed, cast stainless steel diverter valve at the heart of this system is built heavy duty for dependable long-life operation.

Tuthill BlowerNew Revolutionary Blower Technology

The new Tri-lobe Blower, developed exclusively for HydraMaster by Tuthill provides increased displacement for high CFM, yet emits less disturbing noise than other blowers in the same category. While other blowers use grease fittings, this one employs oil bath for greater unit life and less maintenance. [ More details...]

An Extra Large 100-Gallon Recovery Tank

Comes standard on the Maxx. Constructed of marine grade aluminum, the tank features a new high efficiency vacuum relief valve and a stainless steel lint basket. The basket is easy to remove and clean making daily maintenance less of a chore.

 Maxx the Out Performer

ADC™ Diverter Heat Control System

The Maxx Performance Series uses an exclusive new heat system technology that controls temperature without dumping hot water into the waste tank. Coupling a thermostat to an actuator, temperature is controlled by opening and closing the stainless steel diverter valve. Solution temperature can be varied between 170°F to 250°F or turned off for flood restoration work.


CAT Plunger Water Pump

Last-Step Chemical System

Equipped with HydraMaster's patented Chemical Pulse Pump, designed to withstand high temperatures and high pressures. Last-Step Chemical Injection means no chemical passes through the water pump or heat exchangers.

Equipped For Flood Work

Your Maxx comes with an ADC™ Heat Control System and it's ready to offer flood damage restoration. HydraMaster's system is built-to-last using a heavy-duty stainless steel diverter valve coupled to a thermostat actuator.